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RDP 712 for Gypsum plaster

CAS No.:24937-78-8

Protective colloid:                             Polyvinyl alcohol

Additives::Mineral anti-block agents


Appearance:White powder, free-flowing

Solid content (%):≥99.0

Ash content (%):10±2

Bulk density (g/l):                 480−600

Average particle size (μm)80~100

PH value (1% solution):5.0-9.0

MFFT(Minimum film-forming temperature) (℃):0

Tg (℃):0

  • Product Details
Product Description
Product Name Redispersible polymer powder
YICHENG® RDP 712 is a redispersible polymer powder produced by spray-drying special water-based emulsion, mostly based on vinyl acetate and ethylene. It dissolves in water easily and quickly forms emulsion.
CAS No.: 24937-78-8
Protective colloid: Polyvinyl alcohol
Additives: Mineral anti-block agents


Product Specification
Item Index
Appearance White powder, free-flowing
Solid content (%) ≥99.0
Ash content (%) 10±2
Bulk density (g/l) 480−600
Average particle size (μm) 80~100
pH value 5.0-9.0
MFFT(Minimum film-forming temperature) (℃) 0
Tg (℃) 0


Recommended Application
l Dry mixed mortars l Exterior wall insulation mortar
l Gypsum plaster l Skim coat (putty)
l Tile adhesive/ Tile joint filler l Self-leveling mortar
Tip: The application above is only for reference. Actually the end-users usually find various applications.


Key Properties
l Supply excellent flexibility l Improve adhesion strength
l Reduce water absorption l Great durability and abrasion resistance
l Improves workability l Improve water proofing of mortar


Package & Loading& Storage
Bag: Polyethylene (PE) film bag enclosed in composite film bag waterproof. 25kg/bag
Load: 14tons (560 bags) in 1*20’FCL 25tons (1000 bags) in 1*40’HQ
Storage: Under well ventilated, cool and dry place, against direct sunshine and far away from fire.
OEM: Accepted.


Safety Note
(i.)The specification mentioned above is tested in accordance with our equipment and knowledge. Considering delivery and storage, it may affect product quality, so the buyer should test it as soon as it arrives at buyer’s destination. (ii.) Due to different application conditions and regulations in different temperature, time or areas, the application is only for reference. (iii.) We reserve the right to alter our product and without informing in advance.



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