hpmc exporter Hidroxipropilmetilcelulosa Hidroxipropilmetilcelulose Гидроксипропилметилцеллюлоза


HPMC S718 for cement based tile adhesive, wall putty, skim coat, etc

CAS No.:9004-65-3

Delayed Solubility:Yes

Physical Property:Non-toxic


Etherification:Standard etherification


Appearance:White powder

Methoxyl group  (%):19-24

Hydroxyl propyl group (%):4-12

Gelation temperature (°C):                   60-90

PH value (1% solution):5.0-8.0

Surface tension (dyn/cn, 2%sl):42-57

Moisture (%):15max

Particle size:80 Mesh passed 100%
Viscosity/NDJ-1, 6r/min, 2%solution,20℃ (mPa.s ):   80 000 ~ 120 000

Viscosity/Brookfield-RV-7, 20r/min,2%solution,20 ℃ (mPa.s ):38 000 ~ 45 000

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Product Description
Product Name Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC)
YICHENG® HPMC S718 is developed for cement based tile adhesive, wall putty, skim coat, etc. As one of non-ionic cellulose ethers, Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is produced from natural high molecular cotton cellulose through series of chemical changes.
CAS No.: 9004-65-3 Delayed Solubility: Yes
Physical Property: Non-toxic Modification: No
Etherification: Standard etherification


Product Specification
Item Index
Appearance White powder
Methoxyl group  (%) 19-24
Hydroxyl propyl group (%) 4-12
Gelation temperature (°C) 60-90
PH value (1% solution) 5.0-8.0
Ash content (%) 15MAX
Surface tension (dyn/cn, 2%sl) 42-57
Moisture (%) 7.0max
Particle size 80 Mesh passed 100%
Viscosity NDJ-1, 6r/min, 2%solution,20℃ (mPa.s ) 80 000 ~120 000
Brookfield-RV-7, 20r/min,2%solution,20 ℃ (mPa.s ) 38 000 ~ 45 000


Recommended Application
l Cement based tile adhesive l Wall putty
l Water soluble paint l Skim coat
Tip: The application above is only for reference. Actually, the end-users usually find various applications.


l Workability: Great l Spattering resistance: Good
l Thickening: Great l Water retention: High


Package & Loading& Storage
Bag: Polyethylene (PE) film bag enclosed in composite film bag waterproof. 25kg/bag
Load: 14tons (560 bags) in 1*20’FCL 25tons (1000 bags) in 1*40’HQ
Storage: Under well ventilated, cool and dry place, against direct sunshine and far away from fire.
OEM: Accepted.


Safety Note
(i.)The specification mentioned above is tested in accordance with our equipment and knowledge. Considering delivery and storage, it may affect product quality, so the buyer should test it as soon as it arrives at buyer’s destination. (ii.) Due to different application conditions and regulations in different temperature, time or areas, the application is only for reference. (iii.) Animal toxicology and human dermatology studies have been conducted. Acute oral toxicity tests showed no adverse effects on rats at doses up to 6g/kg body weight. Meanwhile, please keep cellulose ethers out of reach of children and eyes. The Seller reserves the right of final explanation.



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